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José Ignacio

Spa located to approximately 18 km to the east of The Bar and to 35 km of Top of the East in the limit between Maldonado and Rocha.

The Top of José Ignacio as knows it that geographically it is the extension of the coast towards the ocean, shaping a paradisiac corner of the Uruguayan coast with a 2 Km approximate length
On both sides natural bays formed, a meek beach and the brave one. This way, the brave beach stays to the west of the small peninsula, and the meek one to the east.

José Ignacio is alike to a fishermen's village, surviving the boats in the shore and the quinchos on Meek Beach. The same fishermen sell the fresh fish and his coasts are considered to be one of the best fishing ones of coast and of shipment of the Uruguay

It is located between two lagoons, the Lagoon Waiter and José Ignacio; places where sports activities are realized like wind surfing, boating and the navigation in small sailing ships.

An important gastronomic offer exists, his restaurants specialize in such products of the sea like fish, seafood, and marine algae, with that there is realized one of the most famous plates of the area, ?the omelette?, it is the delight of his visitors.

José Ignacio, who owes his name to a local settler who was inhabiting the area in the epoch of the Spanish conquest has turned into the favorite place of the summer holiday of Uruguayan and foreign, by the pure air q it is breathed, the calmness, the white sand of his beaches and the delight of the sea, it doing the only place.

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Museum of the Sea

It is an ideal walk to realize with children.

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