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Information about investment in Uruguay, climatic advantages, fiscal advantages, routes of revenue, strategic place, telecommunications, competitive tariffs.

Economic structure
The principal source of wealth of the country is the agribusiness with approximately 60 % of the entire exports.

The importance of the forest sector is generating important transformations in the productive counterfoil of the Uruguay since there has begun to journey recently the phase of industrialization of the wood in widespread form, based on the obtained available stock of the forests sowed in the last fifteen years.

They are installing in Uruguay Big multinational companies of the sector to themselves like: BOTNIA ENCE, STORA-ENSO, WEYERHAEUSER, allowing the processing industry of the wood (chemical and mechanical) to spend to receive a determinant role. The capacity of the privileged geographical position of Montevideo allows, of the necessary investments are carried out, the Port of Montevideo to be able to turn into one of the principal logistic platforms of the region.

Because practically the only existing primary energy source is the hydroelectrics, this generates an energy dependency that affects the economic structure of the country.

Marco Político
Uruguay has a democratic government with presidential system, with a clear separation of powers. The Executive power is exercised by the president of the Republic, which acts jointly with the Cabinet. The Legislature resides in the General Assembly, which consists of a Senators' Chamber of thirty one members and of a House of Representatives of ninety-nine members. The Deputies are chosen by department while the senators are chosen to national scale, both for orders of five years.

Other characteristics
There exists a high grade of safety and comfort to live in the country. The climate is agreeable the whole year, being the summer the high period for the tourism. The official language is Spanish, being English normally used in the business.

General Economic characteristics:
Opening of the exterior commerce
Economic, political and social stability
Free transference of capitals and utilities
International financial square
Exchange freedom
Integration to the MERCOSUR

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